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At Glass Doctor®, we know that broken glass panels are a headache to repair by yourself. Lucky for you, we fix your panes so you don’t have to go through the difficulty of doing it on your own.

Whether you need a simple cracked outdoor glass panel repair or a customized shower door panel replacement, our specialists are quick, courteous, and professional.

Why You Should Choose Tempered Glass

Tempered glass panels protect your home and update the way your house looks. This type of glass is more durable than standard acrylic glass and a thick outside glass panel is four times less likely to break. If tempered glass does break, it fragments into safer, smaller pieces.  

Benefits of Outdoor Insulated Glass Panels by Glass Doctor

There are many benefits to having a Glass Doctor expert repair glass panels on your outside doors, just as there are many benefits to replacing sliding glass doors and French doors with insulated glass. Doing so will:

  • Add value to your home
  • Filter out unwanted UV rays
  • Bring in more light to your home
  • Seal your home against drafts
  • Save money on your monthly bills

By investing $1,000 in insulation, sealing air leaks, and repairing your windows, you can see monthly savings in your energy bills.

Benefits of Indoor Insulated Glass Panels by Glass Doctor

Inside your home, your shower doors may benefit from tempered glass. Benefits of tempered glass sliding shower door panels by Glass Doctor include:

  • Easier-to-clean solutions
  • More durable solutions
  • Better protection and prevention of major accidents associated with falling
  • Better light to your bathroom
  • Spacious solutions

Furthermore, custom glass mirror panels for your bedroom or walk-in closet are a great accent to any home, adding light, depth, and style.

Custom-Cut Glass Solutions

We will custom cut glass to size for any variety of stylistic preferences you may have. 

In addition to tempered glass panels, we offer:

  • Textured glass
  • Beveled glass
  • Low-E glass
  • Shaped glass

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